• Contract Pilot, Type Ratings, Aircraft Delivery

    Eric Norber offers contract pilot services in a variety of jet aircraft, including the
    Citation Excel, Falcon 50/900, CitationJet, Citation Mustang and the Hawker.
    We provide in-aircraft instruction to obtain your PIC type rating or your recurrent check.
    We can assist you with the entire process of selecting and purchasing your jet, all the way through delivery and operations/management.

  • Jet Instruction, FAA Check Rides, Jet Management

    We provide specialized one-on-one single-pilot jet instruction, and contract jet pilot services.
    We provide FAA check ride services, conducted by FAA Designated Examiner Mr. Eric Norber.
    We can assist with the entire process of selecting and purchasing your jet, all the way through delivery and operations/management.

    Boutique Jet InstructionFAA Check Rides

Norber Flight provides one-on-one boutique instruction for jet owners and pilots. Whether you need initial training, mentoring or recurrent training, Norber Flight can provide the specialized instruction you need.
Mr. Eric Norber was appointed as a Designated Pilot Examiner in 2014.
Norber Flight provides aircraft acquisition services – assisting jet buyers through the entire process from selection to inspection, including closing and delivery.

Boutique Jet Instruction

Eric Norber offers Boutique Jet Instruction to the discriminating jet owner. Whether you have just purchased your first jet or if you are a professional pilot, one-on-one in-aircraft jet instruction is an excellent, insurance approved alternative to the big-box simulator center.

Type Ratings

I offer customized in-aircraft instruction in a variety of aircraft, allowing you to earn your type rating or complete your recurrent check. Aircraft include the CE-510, CE-525, CE-500, CE-560XL, CE-650, Hawker HS-125, and the Falcon 50/900.

Contract PIlot Services

Do you need a pilot to deliver your aircraft? Eric Norber has delivered hundreds of aircraft all over the globe. In addition, he can provide test flights, post-maintenance flights, and also contract pilot services to fill in when you need extra help.

About Eric Norber

Eric Norber
Eric Norber

Following Law School and a period living overseas, Mr. Norber began his professional career as an instructor and ultimately as a business analyst in the I.T. industry. Since transitioning into aviation nearly 20 years ago, he has gained experience working with major airlines, Part 135 charter companies, and most extensively in private/corporate aviation. Mr. Norber has a national reputation as an influential and knowledgeable aviation safety expert. Mr. Norber has personally managed and operated dozens of jets based all over the globe.

The FAA recently appointed Mr. Norber as a ‘Designated Pilot Examiner,’ entrusting him with the responsibility for evaluating pilots and  issuing them their pilot certificates.  He is an author and speaker on aviation safety, as well as a legal expert on aviation safety issues. With over 11,000 hours of safe aviation experience, he holds an Airline Transport Pilot license with 6 jet ratings and qualifications in 28 different jet models. Mr. Norber was appointed as an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor in 1999 and subsequently named as a member of the FAA’s Safety Team in 2009.  Mr. Norber also has the rare distinction of having set a World Speed Record in a jet aircraft crossing the Atlantic Ocean.  He is a respected authority in the aviation industry with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business and art of aircraft management. He treats each client as if it was his only client and tailors his services to the needs and objectives of each client.

What others say about us

John H. (New York City)

“Eric Norber helped me achieve a lifetime goal. I bought my own jet (a new Citation M2), and Eric took the time to train me to fly it, and to earn my type raring in it. He did it on my schedule, and tailored it to my needs. I could not be happier.”

John H. (New York City)November 2014Citation M2
Luis A., (KTMB Kendal Tamiami Airport)

“The FAA Check Ride I did with Mr. Norber was the single best check ride experience in my entire aviation career.  He was thorough but 100% fair.  I cannot possibly give a stronger recommendation – Mr. Norber is the best.”

Luis A., (KTMB Kendal Tamiami Airport)November 2014