Leasing or purchasing a jet isn’t just a big decision, it’s a technical and detailed process, rife with opportunities to leave money on the table. If you don’t have the right people with the proper background and expertise guiding you through the process, you run a high risk of future liability.

Norber Flight owner Eric Norber has helped over 100 aircraft owners navigate the purchase process of their aircraft. Our unique and proprietary checklists and inspection procedures help ensure that the aircraft you select for purchase is thoroughly evaluated and inspected, and that no step is left unaddressed.

We are your partner throughout the entire process of your aircraft purchase. Everything we do is on a flat-fee basis, so we have no interest other than your best interest.

Once purchased, we have the experience and resources necessary to be your full-service aircraft management company. We will manage all aspects of your aircraft experience, including supervising the pilots, maintenance, scheduling, and the complete safety and oversight of all flight operations. We become “your flight department,” saving you the need to invest in a new infrastructure.

Call us today to discuss your aircraft interests and to learn how we may be able to add value and be of service.